EcoBins City

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EcoBins City
Access Control Opening containers with RFID cards and tags issued to residents.
Container monitoring Fill level and other container operating parameters monitoring with overflow forecasting.
Route optimization Optimization of emptying team routes, taking into account the current and future filling levels of containers.
Contact with residents Mobile application for receiving reports from residents about problems with containers.

The devices are mounted in containers
for remote monitoring, equipped with an ultrasonic fill level sensor and temperature and tilt sensors.

The RFID card or tag reader registers each container opening and sends the following data to the system: access tag ID, date and time of its use and operation status.

If the user is not authorized to use the container, opening will not be possible.

Everyone can report problems with containers in their vicinity (overfilled or damaged container, mess around, etc.), using the free mobile application (downloadable from Google Play).

data from sensors and access control modules is collected on the EcoBins server and processed by the software of the analytical platform.

This data is then available online in the EcoBins portal, mobile applications and via the API.

for municipal services, companies, developers, property owners and others who manage waste containers and recycling.
for cities:
  • verification of sorting quality: thanks to the access control to containers and identification of persons throwing waste, it is possible to verify the correct sorting by residents.
  • quality control of municipal services and optimization of container selection: EcoBins City allows you to check whether the declared emptyings coincide with fill level drops and at what average filling the container is emptied, which allows more optimal selection of the number of containers and export schedules.
  • ultimately the option of introducing settlements with residents in the pay as you throw model, where you only pay for the amount of waste actually discarded.
for developers:
  • modern underground and semi-underground containers save space, which can be used for other purposes as part of the investment.
  • no need to build dump shelters.
  • the ability to close containers and grant access to them only to residents of the property.
  • Remote monitoring of container status and preventing overfilling.
for municipal companies:
  • optimization of waste collection routes based on information about locations and levels of filling containers and schedules.
  • reduction of waste collection costs, up to 40%.
  • inventory of locations and containers, including photographic documentation.
  • Remote monitoring of the fill level and other parameters of containers and receiving notifications in order to respond in emergency situations.
for everyone:
  • waste collection is more environmentally friendly: shorter and less frequent trips of garbage trucks save resources and reduce air pollution.
  • reduced traffic of heavy waste collection vehicles in residential areas.
  • no overfilled containers.
  • financial savings associated with a more optimal waste collection process.
  • Greater hygiene and aesthetics of underground and semi-underground containers.
The EcoBins system has documented APIs that enable integration with the IT systems of municipal offices and waste companies.
When ordering the system, your organization buys devices and access to the analytical platform and mobile applications (see above). The devices are easy to assemble (assembly with screws or rivets). On special request, it is possible to supply ready-made smart containers or co-operate with the indicated container manufacturer.