EcoBins Collect

Dedicated system for collection recycling materials Full control: from the container to the sorting plant. Ask for offer
EcoBins Collect
Analytical platform Accurate statistics on the profitability of collecting recycling materials in individual locations.
Contract management Reminders about expiring location contracts and recommendations for extending them.
Route optimization Route planner for service teams, including alerts and fill levels.
Sorting plant software Sorting plant software integrated with the system for registering collected materials.

Remote monitoring devices, equipped with an ultrasonic level sensor, temperature sensor and a tilt sensor are mounted in the recyclable material collection containers.

Sensor readings are sent to EcoBins servers using the local GSM infrastructure.

The contents of the container are placed in a bundle marked with a barcode with an identifier.

The service team scans the container ID and the code on the package. The readings go to the mobile application that logs the load receipt report in the system.

Sorting employee registers incoming loads in the system by scanning the barcode on the bundle.

When the content has been sorted and weighed, the sorter enters the weighing results of individual categories of collected raw material, and the system assigns this data to the bundle identifier.

Data from sensors and access control modules is collected on the EcoBins server and processed by the software of the analytical platform.

This data is then available online in the EcoBins portal, mobile applications and via the API.

for companies dealing in the collection of textiles, electrical waste and other recyclable materials.
Tracking containers and their locations The containers are given identifiers and their capacity, purpose and location are determined. Container locations form separate records, which facilitates, among others, managing contracts for their use and tracking expiration dates.
Container monitoring The system records changes in the filling level of individual containers and displays information about their status on an interactive map.
Alerts Based on the data from the sensors, the system automatically recognizes when there are problems with one of containers: it is overfilled, overturned or on fire. EcoBins also alerts about unauthorized emptying (thefts).
Statistics and forecasts Data on changes in the containers fill levels allows to determine when specific containers will require emptying and where additional ones are needed. Sorting plant data allows you to analyze collection profitability for specific locations and containers.
Planning emptying team routes The application for emptying teams offers the shortest possible routes, connecting only those locations from which you really need to collect recycling materials.
When ordering the system, your organization buys devices and access to the analytical platform and mobile applications (see above). The devices are easy to assemble (assembly with screws or rivets). On special request, it is possible to supply ready-made smart containers or co-operate with the indicated container manufacturer.