Intelligent management of recycling and waste collection EcoBins is a complete technological solution for waste management. It reduces the costs and impact on the environment.

EcoBins City

Modern solution for waste management New container types and intelligent IT solutions in managing waste.

EcoBins Collect

Dedicated system for collection recycling materials Full control: from the container to the sorting plant.

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Intelligent solutions for cities of the future

EcoBins creates new IOT technological solutions.

They are used to build innovative products that will revolutionize the way waste and recyclables are collected.

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EcoBins Sp z o.o. delivered underground containers equipped with a level control system along with access control and the EcoBins System service. The supply of containers was part of the investment called "Construction of the new headquarters of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Szczecin, office in Koszalin". The subject of the contract was completed in a timely manner, and the delivered products met the contract requirements, quality requirements and the requirements of PN-EN 13071. In the scope of the performed task, EcoBins has demonstrated due organization and commitment in meeting the investor's needs.

Tomasz Cyprysiak
Project Manager
Porr S.A.
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Commissioned by 3R Recycling, Ecobins Sp z o.o. equipped containers for collecting used clothes with fill level sensors and a clothing collection registration system, integrated with the 3R Recycling sorting plant. The system allows us to track the circulation of collected clothing at the stage of collection, transport and sorting. Expansion of workstations in the sorting room in the form of touch computers, barcode readers and scales allows us to effectively manage the process at individual stages. Ecobins, with the help of its software and its integration with the delivered devices, has created a complete system, ensuring the efficient functioning of the sorting plant and process supervision. The task was carried out in a professional manner, according to the highest standards, and the work performed and the equipment delivered met the expectations of 3R Recycling.

Krzysztof Rożek
President of the Board
3R Recycling Solutions
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The company Ecobins Sp. z o.o. supplied and installed an access control system in underground waste containers in Stockholm. This system allows the residents of a local estate to access the containers by entering a 4-digit code on the keypad mounted on the container. These types of solutions enable a simple and modern way to achieve the goals of efficient management of access control to municipal containers. The delivered system met users' expectations. Ecobins has shown great commitment and professionalism at the stage of implementation of this project, which will allow San Sac AB to carry out further projects in locations in Sweden, based on Ecobins solutions.

Joel Roback
Product Manager
SanSac AB, Sweden
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